Advanced Timber Treatment With Woodx Wood Oil

Wood oil is a long-established timber treatment designed to increase durability and prevent wood from being destroyed by insects and fungus.

The treatment and protection of wood has a long history. In ancient Greece, wood structures were soaked in olive oil to enhance their longevity. Today, science and technology have opened new avenues for timber treatment and have significantly raised the standards of wood preservation.

Oil-borne preservatives offer by far the greatest protection, especially for exterior timber. Wood soaked in water loses its stability and is subject to bending, cupping and warping. Excess UV radiation results in bleaching and discolouring of the wood.

Wood oil infiltrates the wood and hardens the outer surface making it water-repellent and protecting it from UV radiation. It also prevents wood-eating organisms from taking root on the surface and starting to digest the wood.

High quality wood oil is measured by the speed at which it penetrates the wood. Wood-X wood oil is cutting-edge timber treatment technology. It penetrates the wood at high speed creating a hard protective layer that makes it impossible for the natural elements to infiltrate and disfigure the wood.

Wood-X wood oil comes in a wide range of exciting colours, specifically designed to enhance the natural grain of the wood and accentuate its patterns. Mature wood can now be restored to its pristine condition, with pigmented oils that recreate the wood’s natural colour.

For advanced timber treatment, restore and protect your outdoor timber species with Wood-X Wood Oil.