Alter The Look Of Your Cladding With Wood Oil

Does your exterior timber need recoating? Wood oil is a great way of refurbishing and restoring the natural look of your exterior timber cladding or decking.

Exterior finishes have two important functions: they increase durability and enhance the natural look of your timber. Unless it has a good finish, unprotected timber is going to weather. Sun, moisture and mould are the main environmental hazards that cause your exterior timber to slowly loose its stability and colour.

Wood oil is the most viable solution for long-lasting timber protection and improvement. If you really want to ensure that you have done your utmost to safeguard your timber surfaces, you need to use high quality oil.

How does it work?

Wood oil is penetrative by nature. That means, it will find its way into the outer layer of the wood and form a solid, protective layer directly under the surface. The colour medium in wood oil will be attached to the surface, giving your timber a more natural look. Membrane or paint finishes on the other hand, do not soak into the wood. They only form an opaque film on the surface.

Wood-x wood oil is available in a large variety of natural colours. Whether you prefer a transparent tint, or a more pigmented coating that alters the current look of your exterior cladding or decking – with Wood-X Wood Oil you are sure to find the perfect oil finish for the refurbishment of your outdoor timber.