Beautify and protect your timber with wood oil

When you purchase outdoor timber products such as furniture, it’s important that you consider looking after it properly by using good quality wood oil for weather proof and timber protection. Wood oil must be applied to keep exterior timber in tip-top shape.

Timber may be a natural product but when stripped of bark, it has no protection from the harsh effects of sun, rain and wind. Changes in temperature can also greatly affect the longevity of the wood. Top quality wood oil from Woodx will help to preserve and protect it.

With wood oil, timber protection is a breeze, so you can have peace of mind all year round.

Outdoor furniture, decking and joinery made from Pine and Cedar is especially vulnerable to decay and damp. To keep these woods in optimal condition, wood oil is vital or before long you will notice the first signs of deterioration.

Teak furniture is highly desirable because it already contains natural oils that help to repel water and prevent rot. An application of wood oil is still recommended and by doing this, you may be able to enjoy your furniture for as long as 50 years.

Remember to clean your exterior timber products regularly and if kept in a shady or dark area of the yard, ensure that it’s covered when not in use. If your furniture is sitting on grass or damp ground it may also pay to cover the ends of the legs with water proof material.

Taking the time to properly care for your timber furniture will pay off in the long run. Make sure that you include Woodx wood oil in your maintenance regime.