Cedar Stain from Wood-x

Cedar Stain is vital for protecting your wood.

It’s one thing to build outdoor decking but it’s quite another to look after it. It seems quite pointless to spend the time, energy and money on something this big and important to your home, only to let it succumb to the elements. Wood-x cedar stain is proven to protect your outdoor wood.

Easily applied to all types of wood, Wood-x wood oil is a versatile product that can be used on decking, shingles, fences or outdoor furniture, protecting them from the rain and wind. The cedar stain penetrates deep into the wood, and unlike other coatings or varnishes, it repels water from the inside out, making it longer lasting and more effective.

By getting into the wood and working from the inside out, Wood-x cedar stain helps to prevent spores from setting up shop, stopping mould from gaining a foothold in your precious timber. Add to this the fact that it strengthens the wood and makes it less likely to splint and crack, and our cedar stain is the obvious choice for protecting your outdoor wood.

Wood-x cedar stain is made from the highest quality oils, which are only used in our products. These specially refined oils are proven to be longer lasting, making our cedar stain cheaper in the long run as it doesn’t need to be reapplied every year. It also comes in various colours, enhancing the look of your home and maintaining its resell value.

Wood-x has over 25 years experience in the marketplace. We are pround to be New Zealand’s leading experts on cedar stain and wood oil protection. With continuous support from Resene Paints LTD, New Zealands number one paint manufacturer, we have set the industry standard for high quality, effective cedar stain.

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