Cedar Stain for protection and longevity.

The beauty and lifetime of your timber depends largely on the type of cedar stain you use. When outdoor decking is new it looks fantastic. Over time however the wood will be subjected to the damaging effects of the elements. If you want to keep them looking their best, you need to apply a top notch cedar stain.

There is no wood more naturally beautiful than timber, and Kiwis love it. Unfortunately, many don’t realise that if they want to keep it looking its best, it is essential that a top quality cedar stain is applied. Wood-X is the top quality wood oil that your timber cladding and outdoor furniture need to stay in great condition.

And of course it’s not just timber that our cedar stain can be used on. Cladding, joinery, decking and outdoor furniture can all benefit from the application of a superior wood oil. Wood X is a very special cedar stain that was developed specifically to increase the splendour and resilience of wood products. If you want to protect timber from the harsh effects of the elements you need to choose the best wood oil available.

Wood X wood oil is different to many other products on the market because it will penetrate the outer layers of timber and sink in to where it is most needed. The protective layer that it forms will repel water and limit the growth of moulds which would otherwise cause irreversible damage to the integrity of the wood. The speed at which the oil gets absorbed by the wood is crucial. If it stays on the surface for too long, there is a good chance it will be washed away by rain.

Wood-X cedar stain genuinely protects and preserves your wood. If you’ve any questions about our product give us a call or an email. Or friendly and professional staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

CP862 Wood-X clear base (2)