Finish your decking with Wood-x Cedar Stain

So all the hard work is done! You’ve laid your decking and now all that’s left is to treat the wood. But what should you use? There are certain things to consider before you finish the job.

Make sure you finish!

Although Cedar is a naturally durable wood ideal for exterior decking, its always a good idea to protect it with a specialised cedar stain. Decks are subjected to the toughest conditions; exposed to the weather, people walking on it, and the constant abuse of the sun, mean decking is always going to be tougher to maintain than your interior hallway. There’s no point building a deck and then leaving it to nature’s unyielding abuse.

Choice of Cedar Stain Finishes

A full range of both protective and penetrating  cedar stain finishes are available for decks, but we recommend Wood-x wood oil. Since Wood-x penetrates deep into the wood and does not form a protective layer, the stain provides a deep, ingrained protection that can’t be washed away. Cedar stain finishes that only cover the wood are liable to crack,  peel and flake, failing in it’s job to protect. Wood-x does not fail. Not only does it protect from the weather, but also gets deep into the wood, slowing the development of mould and mildew.

Why Wood-x?

Wood-x Cedar Stain is one of the most comprehensive wood stains available. Its unique formula makes it transparent, which in turn lets the woods natural stain chow through. It soaks into the deck, protecting it from the inside out, fighting spores deep in the wood, slowing down the rotting process, adding years to your decking. This penetration also makes it waterproof from the inside out, not just making it water repellent  by coating it like other cedar stains.

Wood-x Cedar stain oil

Wood-X Cedar Stain- The right tool for the right job.

So if you want to finish your decking properly, then use Wood-X Cedar Stain- the professionals choice.