Get a superior finish with Woodx wood oil

If you want long lasting protection for your exterior timber products, you need a superior wood oil. Woodx is an outstanding product that has been in development for five years. It takes time to perfect a quality weatherproofing solution but the ultimate wood oil has finally been produced.

Poor quality wood oil will just sit on the surface of your timber and will be washed away by constant rainfall. This will leave your precious wood products exposed to the elements and vulnerable to the aging effects of the sun, wind and damp.

Unlike these lesser oils, Woodx wood oil penetrates deeply into the layers of the timber, repelling water and mould growth. It will provide efficient protection from colour fade as well as from the usual cracking, splintering and bending that will occur over time if the timber is left vulnerable to wood eating microorganisms.

Woodx is available in a range of natural colours which will enhance the appearance of your timber products as well as supporting their long term integrity. It is a natural wood oil which is safe for you and your family as well as being extremely easy to apply.

You can use Woodx wood oil on hardwood decking, cladding, joinery and outdoor furniture. Why not protect your investment and enjoy your beautiful timber products for many years to come? Wood oil is convenient, natural, and effective.

Woodx wood oil: a top quality solution for everyone who enjoys the natural beauty of wood.