Hints for protecting timber cladding with wood oil

Timber cladding is a beautiful and earthy exterior that will enhance the eco-friendly look of any home.  Timber has been used for centuries as a building material and despite technological advances, it’s still popular today.  With proper care this natural cladding can last 50-100 years.

If you’ve chosen timber cladding for your building, make sure that you don’t plant trees or shrubberies close to the house.  Plants that touch your cladding can conduct moisture into the tiny cracks and crevices that are inherent in the wood and threaten its appearance and integrity.

Dirt is a common cause of discolouration on timber cladding.  Make sure that you give the exterior of your house a good clean at least once a year.  Use warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush.  Don’t use hard brushes on your precious timber.

If you notice black spots appearing on your timber cladding, this is most likely to be caused by mildew.  Clean these areas with a mixture of bleach and water – one part bleach to five parts water.  Protect yourself and any plants from splashes.

You should also apply a good coating of Woodx wood oil to timber cladding.  Apply it with a brush, roller or as a spray.  Apply one coat only and then wait for a minimum of 6 weeks before you apply the second coat.  Do not apply it if wet weather is expected.

Woodx wood oil offers unsurpassed protection.  Contact us for advice or information about our fantastic products.