Oil based or water based wood stain?

Exterior timber products such as weatherboards, fascias, wall and roof shingles, hardwood decking pergolas and fences are best cared for with a high quality timber wood stain. Most outdoor wood stains are either oil based or water based. To help you compare the benefits of both we have put together this short article.

Which wood stain should I choose for my project?


Water based wood stain


Water based wood stains dry relatively quickly and can be applied to wood that has been previously coated with an oil-based stain. So if you are thinking of repainting, you might want to opt for a water based wood stain.



Oil based wood stain


Oil based wood stains are easy to work with and penetrate deep into the wood. This makes them more durable and resistant to the elements. They require far less overall maintenance than a water based wood stain. Oil based wood stains also take longer to dry, allowing for a more even finish.


Wood-x wood oil, an innovative oil based wood stain


Wood-x wood oil is a mineral based wood stain designed to colour exterior timber, while still allowing the natural grain to shine through. At present, Wood-x is considered to be one of the most innovative wood stains on the market.


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