Once You Try Wood Oil, You’ll Always Use Wood Oil

High quality wood oil is essential for the regular maintenance of exposed exterior timber surfaces. Outdoor timber products, such as shingles, decking and fencing, are constantly prone to moisture uptake and fungal decay. As most owners of outdoor hardwood timbers know, New Zealand’s long and wet winters put a lot of strain on all exterior timber projects.

When it comes to long-lasting protection for exterior hardwood timbers, wood oil is the answer. What’s more, with Wood-x wood oil you can be sure to have picked one of the finest timber care products available in New Zealand.

A single coating with Wood-x Cedar Oil kills three birds with one stone. This particular wood oil enhances water-repellence, offers optimum mould protection and accentuates the beauty of all your exterior hardwood timbers.

How does Wood-x achieve that?

At Wood-x, we put a lot of emphasis on the continuous research and development of all our timber care products. That is why we have chosen only the finest components to complete our top quality wood oil.

The highly refined mineral base oil chosen for Wood-x Cedar Oil improves perforation and significantly reduces the surface drying time. The speciality biocide package is well adapted to the New Zealand environment and effectively prevents microorganisms from infiltrating your precious outdoor timber. Plus, we are constantly updating our exciting colour palette to meet your personal taste and enhance the natural look of your exterior hardwood timbers.

Why compromise on the quality of your outdoor timber projects? Discover Wood-x wood oil and timber care products for yourself – once the first coating is done, you’ll never go back.