Only High Quality Wood Oil For A Good Finish

High quality wood oil is hard to find these days. Yet a good oil finish is absolutely essential to protecting your exterior timber from extreme weather conditions and decomposition.

What distinguishes high quality wood oil from other oil finishes?

High quality wood oil does not sit on the surface. It will penetrate the outer surface of the wood, boosting water-repellence from the inside. As most owners of outdoor timber products know, wood soaked in water is prone to losing its stability over time, causing it to rot, bend, splinter and crack. Timber decked with high quality wood oil, will be protected from wood-eating micro-organisms that otherwise root and start digesting the wood.

Woodx wood oil is a deeply penetrating oil finish that seals your timber and protects it from water and mould. At present, Woodx is one of the most versatile decking oils on the market. It can be applied to all types of exterior timber products, such as decking, cladding, joinery and outdoor furniture.

Woodx is high quality wood oil that comes in a wide range of colours, based on natural timber shades. It is a natural product developed to preserve and accentuate the natural beauty of your outdoor timber and hardwood.

For timber decking and care, use only high quality wood oil – use Woodx.