Wood Oil – Protect Your Exterior Timbers With Wood-X Quality Wood Oil

Anyone who owns timber cladding, decking, joinery or outdoor furniture knows that high quality wood oil is indispensable for the maintenance of exterior hardwood. Wood oil protects outdoor timber from cupping, warping, splitting and bleaching, making it more sustainable.

Why is wood oil essential for the maintenance of exterior timber?

Most outdoor timber is subject to two main environmental hazards: extreme weather conditions and fungal decay.

In winter, outside wood surfaces will be constantly exposed to rain and wind. Water will be absorbed quickly by the wood, making it soft and prone to losing its stability. In summer, direct insolation and extreme heat will make timber bleach quickly. Wood oil penetrates deep into the wood, making it more resistant to weather conditions. It acts as a water-repellent as well as a sunblock.

Wood oil also protects timber from infection. Especially during winter, wood-decay fungi will spread quickly, digesting the wood and causing it to rot.

Most people do not realise how important it is to coat their exterior timbers with high quality wood oil. The long-lasting effects of applying a timber protector such as Wood-X to exterior hardwood are scientifically proven.

Wood-X is high quality wood-decking oil that comes in a variety of colours. Its high-grade petroleum oil content quickly penetrates the wood and coats it with an impenetrable, water-repellent layer.

Discover the benefit of high quality wood oil for yourself – try Wood-X, the timber protection specialist.