Protection is assured with quality wood oil

If you have invested your hard earned cash in beautiful timber products, you should also invest in a top quality wood oil. Timber needs to be protected against the elements. Woodx is a product that will provide long lasting benefits for all exterior wood items.

When you are looking for a superior wood oil, you need to select one that has the ability to penetrate beneath the surface layer of your timber products. Woodx does just that by soaking in and preventing the top and lower wood layers from deteriorating and decaying.

Do not be fooled into paying for an overpriced wood oil that will deliver sub-standard results. If you want a solution you can depend on you need Woodx. We believe that we have a very special product and the customers who have tried our oil believe it too.

What products can benefit from an application of wood oil? Woodx is user friendly and perfect for use on cladding, joinery, outdoor furniture and decking. It is a safe and natural way to keep your timber looking impressively beautiful while preserving its strength and integrity.

Sun, wind, rain and mould will all have a detrimental effect over time. Without the added protection of a quality wood oil, your precious exterior timbers will lose their colour and start to crack, bend and splinter. Don’t throw your money away; we can provide you with an easy and convenient solution.

Woodx – an outstanding wood oil that will provide the protection that your timber needs.