Get added protection with quality wood oil

It’s easy to forget that your outdoor furniture and timber needs extra attention if you want it to last.  Woodx provides you with an easy solution.  Our top quality wood oil is simple to use, looks great and will give you long-lasting protection from our extreme weather conditions.

Timber does have natural oils that provide a small amount of protection but it won’t take long for those oils to deteriorate in our harsh sun, or be washed away by heavy downpours.  That’s why you need the added protection of wood oil.

To get the most from your wood oil, it’s important to apply it before your furniture starts showing signs of deterioration.  Once the damage has been done it’s too late to reverse it.  An application of wood oil will help but it’s far better to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

When you’re applying wood oil, it pays to do it out of the sun in a darker area of your yard.  Sometimes on a hot day, the sun will cause the oil to dry prematurely before it’s had a chance to soak deeply in to the timber.

Remember to apply your wood oil to the undersides of your furniture as well, not just to the exposed places that you can see.  Damp and mildew will happily take hold in these unseen areas if they are left unprotected.  A couple of coats of top quality oil all over will give you fantastic results.

Extend the lifetime of your precious wood products.  Use Woodx wood oil to weatherproof your timber decking, cladding, joinery and furniture.