The Perfect Finish With Wood Oil

A good oil finish is fairly easy to accomplish when you use the right wood oil. Oil finishes are essential to protect exterior timber, especially large surfaces like decks and cladding. Garden furniture, joinery and fences also greatly benefit from a professional wood oil finish.

Wood oil is the best solution for covering large wood surfaces. Woodx wood oil is high quality wood oil, developed to protect exterior timber products all-year round. It is the perfect product to use for enhancing the natural beauty of your timber.

The worst thing you can do to your outdoor timber is to coat it with synthetic products like varnish or lacquer. While the spraying method is a quick and easy application process, the result is only temporary. Varnish and lacquer stay on the surface, where they are more likely to be washed away by water. The synthetic fibres in varnish and lacquer harm the timber, rather than protecting it.

Wood oil on the other hand, penetrates the wood, making it water-repellent from the inside out. Woodx has developed a special wood oil formula that is absorbed quickly by all hardwood and timber products. It stays under the surface to protect your wood from splintering, cracking, bending and cupping.

Woodx wood oil can easily be applied to all surfaces. Plus, it comes in a wide range of fascinating colours to further enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor timber products.

For the perfect finish or a fresh coat – Woodx wood oil, the timber protection specialist.