Use Wood Oil to Protect Timber and Make it Last

Exterior timber needs reliable safeguards. For a long-lasting timber coating wood oil is definitely the best solution.

Why use wood oil for outdoor timber coating?

The purpose of a wood oil finish is to protect the surface from water and UV radiation, and maintain an attractive appearance. Coating outdoor timbers with wood oil prevents surfaces from erosion and fading. Unlike other timber protection products, wood oil is designed to penetrate the wood deeply and to harden it up from the inside out.

Water, in particular, is a problem because it causes outdoor timber to soften and lose stability. High quality wood oil infiltrates the wood and makes it water repellent. Increased water repellence stops mould taking root and prevents the wood from rotting.

A high quality wood oil finish will enhance the longevity of your exterior timber and accentuate its natural beauty. To prolong the life of your outdoor timber, use only the highest quality wood oil.

Wood-X Wood Oil is high quality wood oil designed to meet the special requirements of your outdoor timber products. The Wood-X Wood Oil special formula penetrates the wood quickly and is absorbed rapidly. Wood-X Wood Oil also comes in a range of exciting colours specifically designed to highlight the natural colour of your exterior timber products.

Wood-X Wood Oil can be used for decking, cladding, joinery, outdoor furniture and fencing. For the best oil finish, trust Wood-X Wood Oil.