When you have quality timber products you need quality wood oil

When outdoor timber products are new they look fantastic. Over time however they will be subjected to the degrading effects of time and the weather. If you want to keep them looking their best, you need to apply a top notch wood oil finish.

There are plenty of sub-standard finishing products on the market but if you want guaranteed results you should use wood oil by Woodx. We have come up with the perfect weather- and age-proof solution. Our proven formula will provide the protection that your timber needs.

Unlike many other brands of wood oil which just sit on the surface of your timber, Woodx soaks in quickly and starts working straight away. Once Woodx is applied your timber will be protected against sun exposure, rain and mould.

Without wood oil your precious timber will gradually lose its colour and its integrity. After prolonged exposure to the elements you will start to see splintering, cracks and even bending. If you want to prevent this deterioration you must take action. Otherwise you are in effect, washing your money down the drain.

Woodx wood oil is versatile and can be used on all exterior timber items including cladding, joinery, outdoor furniture and even decking. It is a safe and convenient way of preserving the natural beauty of the wood products in which you have invested your time and money.

Woodx – a superior wood oil that gives you peace of mind and outstanding results every time.