Wood Oil – Why Use Wood-X?

Wood oil proves to be the most efficient and versatile solution to protecting outdoor wood.

Speciality exterior timber requires regular maintenance.


Wood oil can easily be applied to all kinds of timber products such as cladding, shingles, decking, fencing, joinery and outdoor furniture. High quality wood oil penetrates deep and prevents water from soaking into the wood. This stabilises the timber and makes it less prone to cracking, splintering and warping.

Using water-repellent wood oil also prevents organisms and mould from infiltrating and discolouring the wood. Organisms like wood-decay fungi need water to flourish. With a water-repellent coating, they cannot take root.

Most water-repellents need to be reapplied every year. Wood-X wood oil is different. Its combination of high-grade petroleum oil and speciality fungicide increases its effectiveness in combating fungal growth and water saturation to a higher degree than any other product. Wood oil also stays in the wood longer.

Timber maintenance has never before proven to be so effective and long lasting. Wood-X is a unique product which, due to its careful development, is miles ahead of other timber protection products on the market. Use Wood-X Wood Oil for your next timber coating.