Wood Oil is Long-Lasting Outdoor Timber Protection

Wood oil is a versatile timber protection product that offers long-lasting protection for all your outdoor timber.

Unprotected exterior timber becomes subject to seasonal moisture uptake. This can result in dimensional swelling, which reduces timber resilience. To optimise the protective layer of wood oil, it is essential that you give the wood time to dry out before application.

Wood oil can be used on traditional wood species as well as more exotic wood species, such as teak and mahogany. This makes wood oil the ideal coating system for all outdoor timber including cladding, decking, fencing and furniture.

Wood-X is a specialist wood oil coating system designed to enhance the longevity of exterior timber and protect it from moisture and mould. Wood-X wood oil quickly penetrates the wood and forms a hard and water-repellent surface that becomes part of the wood. It is easily applied and accentuates the natural colour and structure of the wood.

With Wood-X wood oil pigmented oils you can also rejuvenate old surfaces and restore mature outdoor timber to pristine condition.

Wood-X wood oil is continuously being improved and tested. In fact, it is one of the most researched outdoor timber coating products on the market. It is constantly being refined to ensure that we are offering you advanced timber protection.

For high quality timber coating, handle and protect all your exterior timber products with wood oil.