Wood Oil Offers Long-Lasting Protection For All Exterior Timber

The quality and longevity of your timber refurbishment depends largely on the type of wood oil you use. If your cladding looks faded and grey, if mould rotting your furniture, if your decking looks warped – then it’s time for an overhaul. For a superior new coating that restores your timber to its pristine condition, apply Wood-X wood oil to all your exterior hardwood timbers.

Moisture and UV light are the natural enemies of all exterior timber products. Continuous moisture uptake supports the growth of mould and leads to dimensional changes in the wood, resulting in splitting, cupping, warping and bending. Wood oil makes your outdoor timber all-weather proof, offering optimum protection all year round.

Wood-X Wood Oil works under the surface. Unlike film forming finishes, it is soaked up by the wood and stored below the surface, where it forms a long-lasting water-repellent layer that significantly slows down moisture uptake.

Wood-X Wood Oil superior formula consists of high quality mineral oil, which dries swiftly. The speed at which the oil gets absorbed by the wood is crucial. If it stays on the surface for too long, there is a good chance it will be washed away by rain.

For ultimate protection for all your exterior timber products, use Wood-X Wood Oil.