Wood Oil- what the professional choose.

Your home is your haven, so keeping it in good condition should be of utmost importance to you. Wood oil is the perfect solution to protecting your exterior hardwood timber and increasing the value of your home.

Many homeowners in New Zealand choose a cedar cladding or decking system for their home. Cedar is a superior wood that also requires a superior coating system. At present, a variety of wood care products are available in New Zealand. Try Wood-x, a quality mineral wood oil developed by Resene Paints Ltd, the paint professionals.

What are the benefits of using wood oil?

With a properly applied wood oil finish, you successfully guard your home from the elements and also from mould. Wood oil helps maintain the water-repellent qualities of all preservative free exterior timber products. It soaks deeply into the wood immediately to form a protective layer below the surface.

What distinguishes Wood-x from other wood oil and wood care products?

What makes Wood-x wood oil so unique is the highly refined mineral oil chosen for Wood-x Cedar and Deck Oil. It penetrates quickly, strengthening the wood from the inside out. It works right where it’s meant to be working – under the surface to offer optimum protection and resistance. Plus, Wood-x comes in an exciting range of colours, specifically designed to enhance the natural appearance of all your exterior hardwood timber.

You can use Woodx wood oil on hardwood decking, cladding, joinery and outdoor furniture. Why not protect your investment and enjoy your beautiful timber products for many years to come? Wood oil is convenient, natural, and effective.

There is no better way to keeping your home weather tight than wood oil. Protect your home like a professional – with Wood-x wood oil. Call us today if you have any questions. Our friendly and professional staff will be more than happy to help.