Wood-x Revolutionary Wood Oil

Exterior timber needs continuous maintenance. Many people opt for natural wood oil to protect and enhance the quality of their outdoor timber products.

Finding wood oil that quickly penetrates the wood is essential. Low quality wood oil will either sit on the surface or take a long time to perforate the wood. In winter especially, exterior timber is exposed to constant rainfall. Wood oil that sits on the surface for too long is washed away easily, defeating its purpose.

Woodx wood oil is a revolutionary product developed over the past five years to finally bring long-lasting hardwood decking and protection to timber owners all around New Zealand. Woodx consists of only the best oil, which penetrates quickly and remains in the outer surface of the wood.

Exterior timber has the tendency to turn grey after a while due to continuous sun exposure. This is particularly the case with timber used for decking and cladding. Woodx wood oil protects timber from discolouring and bleaching. It is microporous, natural wood oil that is easy to apply on all timber surfaces. What’s more, Woodx comes in a unique range of natural colours, giving your timber an extra finish.

Protect your timber from harsh weather conditions with Woodx wood oil. No matter what surfaces need special protection in and around your house, Wood-x will cover them all.