Looking for a good quality wood stain?

There is no wood more naturally striking than timber. Kiwis love wood products but many don’t realise that if they want to keep them looking their best, it is crucial that a top quality wood stain is applied. Wood-X is the top quality wood oil that your timber cladding and outdoor furniture need to stay in to keep in good condition.

Wood-X is a very special wood stain that was developed explicitly to increase the splendour and durability of outdoor wood ...

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Cedar Stain for protection and longevity.

The beauty and lifetime of your timber depends largely on the type of cedar stain you use. When outdoor decking is new it looks fantastic. Over time however the wood will be subjected to the damaging effects of the elements. If you want to keep them looking their best, you need to apply a top notch cedar stain.

There is no wood more naturally beautiful than timber, and Kiwis love it. Unfortunately, many don’t realise that if they want to keep ...

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What is Wood-X woodoil?

Wood-X woodoil is a proven, reliable timber treatment designed to increase resilience and prevent wood from being ruined by insects and fungus.

The treatment and protection of wood has a long history. In ancient Greece, wood structures were soaked in olive oil to enhance their longevity. Today, science and technology have opened new avenues for timber treatment and have significantly raised the standards of wood preservation. Wood-X woodoil is one of these new advancements.

Oil based preservatives easily offer the greatest protection, ...

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