High quality wood oil is essential to the regular maintenance of
exterior timbers. Wood oil protects timber from extreme weather
conditions as well as fungal decay. Especially in New Zealand, which
is subject to wet winters and extreme insolation in summer, protecting
outside timber with wood oil is vital to preventing rot, warping and

Most products on the market promise to be deeply penetrating,
water-repellent timber protectors. The deciding factor for high
quality wood oil, however, is the speed at which it is absorbed into
the wood. If the oil doesn’t quickly infiltrate, it can be
washed away by rain.

Another vital ingredient that distinguishes a quality timber-coating
wood oil is the fungicide. This prevents the wood from being attacked
by mould. The special fungicide in Woodx provides long term protection
against mould and rot.

Woodx is a top quality, fast penetrating wood oil that consists of
high-grade petroleum oil. Special timber needs special care, any
season. Trust Woodx to protect all your exterior timbers.