Wood X Wood Oil means quality.

Welcome to Wood-X, where you’ll find a range of premium exterior wood care products.  Our successful Wood-X brand heads up a family of high quality wood oils such as Wood-X Cedar Oil and Wood-X Decking Oil.

Wood-X wood oil genuinely protects, conditions, and preserves your wood. Wood-X wood oils are ‘viscous, mineral-based’ oils designed to penetrate into absorbent, chemical and preservative free exterior timber products such as Western Red Cedar weatherboards, fascia’s, boards, beams and mouldings.  In other words – they’re designed to go hand in hand with a quality exterior timber.

Giving it the ‘X factor’ could be the kindest thing you can do for the longevity of your specialty wood.

What’s more, with a coating of Wood-X wood oil, you’ll improve the dimensional stability of your durable exterior hardwood timbers (including decking).   The speed and depth of Wood-X Deck oil migration into dense hardwood will be slow and shallow compared to lower density, more absorbent timbers.

Typical Wood-X Uses:

  • Timber Weatherboard
  • Fascia
  • Wall Shingles
  • Outdoor Timber Furniture**
  • Boards
  • Hardwood Decking
  • Timber Garage Doors
  • Pergolas
  • Mouldings
  • Roof Shingles*
  • Structural Posts and Beams
  • Fences

* Drinking water should not be collected from Wood-X coated surfaces

** Allow the oil to thoroughly penetrate the timber surface before use


Wood Oil – Why Use Wood-X? 

We have no doubt that your exterior timber project has been a considerable investment – you have every right to expect it to remain beautiful despite relentless battering from the outdoor elements.

Why choose Wood-X Cedar Oil over other Wood Oils? 

We have every confidence that you will find our Wood-X Cedar Oil a clear winner above the competition.

 Wood Oil – Trust Wood-X. 

Don’t take our word for it alone, ask these companies for their experience with Wood-X wood oils and whether these coatings are right for your project.  


Thank you for a great job. I'm thrilled with how great the house looks and with your professionalism.Helen Dalziell, Warkworth